helende kracht


Healing Power

If you don’t feel well, it may seem obvious to consult a doctor. Some people turn to treatments that can be traced back to centuries-old traditions. HEALING POWER introduces a range of ritual specialists and healing practices that are important to many people around the world.


Museum Volkenkunde is a museum about people, with exhibitions on themes that interest people around the world. Themes such as health and healing. 

This exhibition highlights a number of healing practices that are important to millions of people around the world, and that are based on a different world view and knowledge system than Western medical science. 

With this exhibition, the museum does not mean to make a statement as to whether these practices work. 
We always work together with the people who are the subjects of our exhibitions. And that is why ritual specialists and artists are willing to share their personal views and actions. 

The texts accompanying the objects are written from the point of view of the person or community concerned.