Collection of almost 60.000 books

Looking for information about non-European art, material culture and related objects? The library of Museum Volkenkunde has a collection of almost 60,000 books, more than 1,000 series of magazines (of which about 100 are still running), pamphlets and maps.

Everyone is welcome to consult this collection, but lending is unfortunately not possible. There are facilities for making copies.

Please note: due to circumstances the library will be closed on Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 March. 

Dear visitor to the library,

You are very welcome to visit the library. The following rules apply to every visit to the library:

  • Your visit is only possible by appointment during opening hours of the library: Tuesday to Friday, 1 pm - 5 pm.
  • We ask you to provide us in advance by e-mail ( all necessary information, such as time, date, purpose and expected duration of your visit. You must also include your phone number.
  • As always, we would also like to know in advance which publications - books, magazines, etc. you wish to consult.

We are currently updating our online catalog. This makes it temporarily unavailable. Questions about our collection may be directed to

Museum Volkenkunde has a library with information about non-European art, material culture and related objects. The library contains a collection of nearly 60,000 books, over 1,000 series of magazines (100 of which are approximately still ongoing), pamphlets and maps.


Research Center for Material Culture

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