Maori Weekend Museum Volkenkunde Leiden
From 1 May 2021

Maori Weekend

Demonstrations, workshops, lectures and much, much more...

During our special Maori Weekend we will be pulling out all the stops with a packed programme on the theme of New Zealand. 

10th anniversary Maori Weekend

This year we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the arrival of two wakas, distinctive Maori canoes, at Museum Volkenkunde. Two special wakas were made from kauri trees for a major Maori exhibition taking place at the time. This was big news in New Zealand and the rest of the world, as this was the first time in history that Maori wood carvers had made ceremonial canoes for non-Maoris. Since then, we have held a Maori Weekend every five years. Next year it will take place on 1 and 2 May, with special Maori guests from New Zealand and Britain.

There will be a packed programme of activities in and around the museum, including lectures, demonstrations, workshops and guided tours. Details will be posted on the website in mid-April.