Healing powers
On now until 5 January 2020

Healing Power

Special collections, inspiring encounters, and mind-expanding workshops for balancing body, mind, and soul

Everyone is looking for health and happiness. If things aren’t going your way, there are plenty of options for restoring the balance beside visiting your doctor: from oracle cards, ayahuasca, the laying on of hands, singing bowls, and hypnotic drums to shamans, witches, and voodoo priests. The collective name for these therapeutic treatments is healing. In its new, large exhibition HEALING POWER, Museum Volkenkunde turns the spotlight on this concept from Thursday 10 July onwards. Visit the exhibition and rebalance body, mind, and soul!

From the Arctic to South America

The concept of healing is relatively new in Europe. It has been on the rise since the 1980s, concurrent with the increasing popularity of Eastern medicine and the New Age movement. The treatments are often centuries old and come from all over the world: from the Arctic to South America, and from Canada to China. And although methods and tools differ from one continent and one era to the next, the goal is always the same: learning to balance body, mind, and soul, while healing and gaining more self-knowledge in the process. The underlying principle is also the same: the belief that there is more between heaven and earth, more than we can explain with our ratio and (Western) science. 

Spiritual journey

The extraordinary ethnographic collections in this field offer a unique opportunity to take visitors on a spiritual journey. Become inspired by meeting famous healers. Find out what moves witch Coby Rijkers, how Marco Hadzidakis performs his ayahuasca sessions, and what priestess Marian Markelo has to say about Winti.