World Press Photo 2018 Museum Volkenkunde
25 August 2018


The most impressive images from the past year of press photography.

The latest edition of World Press Photo will be at Museum Volkenkunde from 5 July. The museum will be showing over 160 winning photos by 42 press photographers from 22 countries. The categories are sports, people, nature, long-term projects, general news, environment and contemporary issues.

International World Press Photo competition

Photojournalists are there to witness events that make the news all over the world: important sporting events and remarkable natural phenomena, and also disasters, wars and other examples of human suffering. Their photos, conveying strong emotions and prompting thought, leave few people unmoved. The annual international World Press Photo competition, featuring work by photojournalists and documentary photographers, showcases the most impressive images from the past year of press photography.

Anna Boyiazis photographed women from Zanzibar

The campaign image this year is a photo by American photographer Anna Boyiazis, who has made a series about young women from Zanzibar learning to swim in the Indian Ocean. Traditionally, Muslim women in Zanzibar do not learn to swim, due to the rules of Islamic culture and the lack of suitable swimwear. Thanks to a special project, local women can now take swimming lessons in swimsuits that cover the entire body, allowing them to enjoy the water without clashing with their culture or religion.

Anna Boyiazis
Photographer: Anna Boyiazis